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  • "Seductive Whispers: Kiss
  • "Seductive Whispers: Kiss

"Seductive Whispers: Kiss

₹1,599.00 Regular Price
₹1,399.00Sale Price

Introducing "Kiss" by Blaxk, a tantalizing fragrance that captures the essence of a passionate embrace. This enchanting perfume combines a delightful blend of fruity, sweet, tropical, floral, and citrus accords, creating a scent that is both intoxicating and unforgettable.

  • The top notes of Kiss open with a burst of juicy fruits, evoking the lusciousness of ripe berries and succulent citrus. These refreshing and invigorating notes awaken the senses and set the stage for the captivating journey to come. As the fragrance develops, the heart notes reveal a bouquet of delicate tropical flowers, adding a touch of exotic allure to the composition. The mingling of sweet and floral elements creates a harmonious balance that is both feminine and seductive.

    As Kiss lingers on the skin, the base notes emerge, leaving a trail of warmth and sensuality. The sweet undertones deepen, creating an addictive and alluring aura. The fragrance envelops you in a tantalizing embrace, evoking feelings of desire and romance with every breath.

  • Kiss by Blaxk is a celebration of passion and desire. It is a fragrance that speaks to the allure of a stolen moment, an intimate connection that lingers in the air. The combination of fruity, sweet, tropical, floral, and citrus accords creates a symphony of scents that dances on the skin, leaving a trail of temptation and seduction.

    Perfect for both day and evening wear, Kiss by Blaxk is a versatile fragrance that transitions seamlessly from romantic brunches to glamorous nights out. Its tropical and fruity undertones make it a perfect companion for warm summer days, while the sweet and floral notes add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

    Indulge in the essence of passion and surrender to the enchantment of Kiss by Blaxk. Let this captivating fragrance ignite your senses and leave a lingering memory of seduction and desire.

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